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Hire Plants partners up this year again with NZFW/18

Another year goes by and we feel privileged to have been able to participate in New Zealand Fashion Week, our Plants were beautifully staged throughout the venue by Angus Muir Design and Michaiah Simmons from Deluxe Events


Proud to be able to support the Variety of Chef Event 

Variety NZ raised over $75,000 during their annual black tie fundraiser for kiwi kids in need. We are very proud to be able to support great events like this one.

Variety Of Chefs put on a great evening and it really brought the best out of our Native plants. Find out more about Variety NZ here. 


 YAY ! This year again we have committed to sponsor the AUT Millenium institute, we are officially Friends of AUT Millenium

Check out their great story and their awesome investment in Kiwi lives!


Fine Food New Zealand was absolutely booming and everyone very busy during the event.  

We went to say hi to everyone who hired our plants and made some great encounters, we even got a picture with 

Australian MKR's famous chef Manu! 


Our biggest Green Wall installation to date! 

We installed this green wall in a residential property North of Auckland, it is made of 147 Woolly pockets and 530 plants!!

The pockets are made of recyclable milk bottles, waterproof lined with a breathable front panel allowing healthy rooting systems.