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Customer Testimonials

We think that the people who use our services are the best ones to tell you about their experience of dealing with us.

Prompt Service

The plants look great and if we need anything responses are prompt. The lady who comes to our office is lovely and full of helpful information about plants 

Auckland City

Thriving Plants

Our plants are thriving and Hire Plants generously supports us to have wonderful living plants. Never any dead leaves or sad looking plants. Regularly maintained. 

Auckland City


Staff are well presented, friendly, discreet and are proactively recommending changes for improvement 

Auckland City

Great Service

Very helpful advice from the beginning. Ready to listen to what we wanted to achieve. Excellent results and great communication every time. Friendly staff doing the on going maintenance also. 


Auckland City

Great Service

I was very impressed with the two men who came to set up the plants. They are a credit to your organization. The plants look awesome

Auckland Airport

Fast and Efficient

The team are always happy to try and accommodate. We have sometimes had some emergencies that require quick access to planting for events. etc. They always try to make it happen and deliver with tight time pressures.



Hire Plants understood our requirements and listened to what we wanted for our office and satellite office. They were also very flexible for when we had to move dates and helped us with deciding on plants for our offices. Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff : )


Prompt Action

Plants always look in peak condition. They are changed as soon as they start looking a bit tired. The maintenance is always carried out promptly and you hardly notice it is being done

Auckland City


Changed to Hire Plants about 8 months ago, service from first contact was very good, helpful and efficient. Plants are a better look for the spaces than what we had previously. Pleased with overall health and look. Accounts process and servicing seems efficient

North Shore


Hire plants were very supportive of our need to temporarily remove plants during our office relocation/renovations. They were helpful in choosing new plants once we were settled and at the same time updated existing containers to ensure we had the best fit and consistency in our refurbished offices.


Proactive thinking

Always smiling and warm welcome when the technician comes to our office. Understands if we're in a meeting, or on the phone, continues with the task but respects what we're doing and in those instances is very quiet and respectful of those times. We have dialogue about how the plants are performing to the changing climate and she's quick (without being asked) to change plants if they are in need of a change-out ....I like the proactive nature of this


New Look

Very friendly service whenever I call. The lady that comes to water, change our plants is lovely. When we first moved into the building and engaged with Hireplants I was very impressed with the plant suggestions

Auckland City

Lively office

The plants are a great part of our office life and they are thriving thanks to the plant technician who visits and feeds/waters them on a fortnightly basis. Our crew enjoy having a bit of greenery in our office


Great Staff

Good Quality Plants, containers are really nice and in good condition, colorways suit our office well. Care of the plants, & replacement/change overs occur without us needing to suggest! Chris is very accommodating and helpful, always has a smile and we look forward to his visits to the office : )  

Mount Wellington


Wonderful staff who regularly maintain our plants. Great service when we contact you for special events 


Polite and Efficent

Our plant man is very approachable, Polite and efficient. He responds to requests for replacement plants when we can all see that the plant is not happy where it is. Case in point, the two large trees at the front doors were not happy so him and I agreed to replace them with similar ones


Prompt Action

The plants were chosen well for the spaces into which they were going. We changed our mind about a plant choice early on and this was actioned promptly. The plants are healthy and well maintained and look good in our work environment. We are generally very pleased with our experience to date with Hire Plants


Event Company

Quotes come through quickly and plants are delivered on time, every time. Nice people to deal with both by phone and email.

Mt Wellington

Friendly and Knowledgeable

The plant technician is helpful, courteous and open to suggestions regarding which plants best suit the office environment here. He is approachable, friendly and knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour

East Tamaki

New Office Fit Out

When we moved into our office, the atmosphere was cold and uninviting. There was a loud echo, which no matter how much furniture we added, we just could not get rid of it. However, thanks to Hire Plants, we were able to resolve the issue. They offered us a large variety of options in product and they were very knowledgeable. Once the trees had been delivered, the after service and upkeep has been outstanding. Hire Plants are quiet and discreet when servicing the office and have been a complete pleasure to deal with.