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Customer Testimonials

We think that the people who use our services are the best ones to tell you about their experience of dealing with us.

Excellent and Regular

Plants look good Maintenance staff excellent and regular - always check if we are happy with the plants and change anything they think may be deteriorating
Dennis, August 19 feedback wave

Friendly and Helpful

The staff member who comes to our office, is friendly, helpful, acts quickly to requests, offers advice, is in and out quickly and efficiently, the plants always look wonderful and appear to be thriving
Cheryl, August 19 feedback wave

Always friendly

John, who comes in to look after our plants is always friendly and does a good job at looking after the plants and advised on making changes earlier on.
Angela, August 19 feedback wave

Seamless and Great

Seamless process Plants look great Nice people 
Gray, August 19 feedback wave

Friendly and Accommodating

Friendly staff and very accommodating with various requests
Cherie, August 19 feedback wave

Enjoy the visits

 I absolutely enjoy the visits from Chris!!! He is such an amazing asset to your team. He is most welcoming and the team enjoy the little banter when he is working!!!!
Candice, August 19 feedback wave

Amazing experience

The lady that comes in to service the plants is wonderful! she really makes the whole experience so amazing, she is always happy to have a quick chat about the plants and really she is just great when she comes in with a smile on her face.
Stevie, August 19 feedback wave

10 out of 10

 Very lovely customer service, always very polite and thoughtful with the plants. Takes care of them extremely well and even cleans the leaves. 10 out of 10
Anneliese, August 19 feedback wave

Account Management

Fantastic account management and especially the service people - they do an awesome job.
Kalita, August 19 feedback wave

Great job

Plants always look well cared for, the friendly lady comes in and does her thing then quietly leaves, does a great job !
Natasha, August 19 feedback wave

Wonderful Service

 Wonderful service and healthy looking plants.
Vicki, August 19 feedback wave

High standards

Standard of service always remains high
Raewyn, August 19 feedback wave

Great service

Lovely person Hazel comes in all the time, looks after our plants really well, picks up on the mood of the office well.
Pauline, August 19 feedback wave

Always in best condition

Good communication regarding our plant requirements, and always ready to assist with ideas. And our plants are always kept in the best condition by Amanda. 
Helen, August 19 feedback wave

Great with communication and problem-solving

Since our office refit, Hire Plants have been extremely helpful and accommodating in selecting & installing all our new plants. Everyone from Hire Plants has been wonderful to deal with and no problem too difficult. We had a number of difficult circumstances surrounding external contractors making installations difficult, but HP team were patient and great with communication & problem-solving. We have also lately had issues with fruit flies from the soil, but maintenance team has been proactive in providing solutions.
Hannah, August 19 feedback wave

Great skills

Our Service guy, John at Britomart has great customer service skills, good listener. John is very popular against staff
Sandra, August 19 feedback wave

Amazing Work

The amazing work that the team made to make sure we had everything ready for
the opening of our building. Paul and the team were so efficient and made
everything a reality! The plants looks amazing all the time thanks to the amazing
Hazel. She genuinely cares about the job she does and that very rare ti find
someone like that. Not to mention she's always friendly and a happy person. Just
w anted to say thank you to everyone.
Ashley, CBD

Enjoy working with Hireplants

The efficiency, the willingness to understand what i would like, the friendliness, i really enjoy working with Hireplants and will definitely refer them to future assigned jobs that i have.
Belinda, August 19 feedback wave

Positive Response

Positive response to previous feedback. Great monthly service.
Corin, August 19 feedback wave

Nothing to worry about

The plants are always healthy and watered. We've never had to worry about their up keep - they are consistently maintained 
Sophie, August 19 feedback wave