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Plants for living walls, plant walls, indoor gardens, wire climbers, plant partitions and room dividers, grid frames, hanging plants and even plants for areas where there is no plants. Whatever your vision, Hire Plants have it covered

Dress and partition your space with plant walls

Use plants as room divider in your open office spaces by using grid frames and climbing plants in through. Support your branding and positive association to nature with large green wall features.

Mobile plant partitions for Offices and Commercial spaces

Easily moveable on wheels, create a meeting room in an instant with a stacked plant wall. You can also use potted plants or grid frames to encourage healthy social distancing while still enabling people to work collaboratively.

Contact us for options and design ideas in any space. 


IMG_20200611_102201_1_ LD_Climbing_jasmine_on_treillis_in_white_trough___Hobson_Wealth

ART___Artificial_Garlands___Hopetoun_Alpha___Sandbox12__1_ Vero_Building___croissant_trough___view_from_Stairs


Biophilia: a real good reason to use plants

Humans innate tendency to seek connection with nature used in Office and Commercial spaces

  • Visual connection with plants or green features reportedly improve mental engagement and overall happiness
  • The presence of plants in hospitality venues or our offices positively rubs off on our overall impression of these places
  • Using plants in interior design in hospitality or retail improves the guest experience and their dwell times and therefore their spending is increased
  • Mobile plant walls and potted plants can be used as partitions in open offices but also as a support for social distancing friendly spaces

Our different products/options:

  • Plant walls: living walls, vertical walls or green walls are the perfect window to your own indoor jungle
  • Grid walls and planters with climbing plants are perfect plant room dividers
  • Hanging gardens: using shelves, hanging pots or troughs to create a green ceiling without using any floor space
  • Indoor Garden: a tropical garden planted and irrigated for the real nature feel inside any building or space
  • And for spaces with no light, no access for watering or even for these unrealistic planting expectations we also offer artificial plant solutions