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Plants for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Shops, Malls, Showrooms. Whatever your purpose Hire Plants have it covered.

Design, layout and decoration of customer areas, involves understanding the behaviour and actions people take in those locations as well as simply ‘how you want it to look’ 


  • Customer areas have specific design needs. Creating screening or zoning without obstruction, flexibility and mobility for easy layout changes, not wasted floor space, guide customer sight lines, soften dead space.
  • Retail plantscaping can achieve these purposes in a cost effective, versatile and visually effective way with feature plants, troughs, table tops, wall hanging plants.
  • Use plants for retail window dressing, providing focus, framing or floor covering.

PlantScapes are an effective method to:

  • Provide a practical solution for screening, way-finding and focus points
  • Create focus for entrances, lobbies, foyers and pathways with unique and striking plants
  • Channel groups and customers – help people find their way
  • Soften an environment, signal the transition points
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Plants in shopping Mall PLants in outdoor patio

Our Services

Free no obligation design, site brief and quote support

  • Free consultation / design and layout advice from our order and design team
  • Simple choices and decisions made easy
  • We make sure we understand your goals and needs
  • We can recommend plant types for effect, themes, and that are best suited to your environment
  • Preview our stock at our open nursery –easy access from Auckland central city
  • Use our web site gallery to plan your own plantscaping


  • Installation available 24/7 from our installation team
  • Quick turn around from request to installation from our nursery team

Regular maintenance

  • Regular servicing, watering, feeding and maintenance of plants included in hire
  • Flexibility to change and refresh your look
  • Our hiring arrangements allow you to update your plants and refresh

Seamless service

  • Consistent ‘can do’ experience across our design, installation, servicing, nursery and office teams

Simple invoicing

  • Simple monthly ‘all inclusive’ invoicing
  • Options of contract or for simple ‘roll over’ pricing