Auckland | New Zealand

CustomerScape large & multi sites

Hire Plants have the scale and infrastructure to provide consistent, quality plantscaping for large scale office fit outs and multisite officescapes.

National Servicing Capability

Hire Plants fortnightly service rounds currently cover the greater Auckland region from Whangaparaoa to Hamilton. We currently have sub contract relationships under management in Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga

Our own Plant Nursery

Carrying stock and having our own nursery allows Hire Plants to meet temporary and event requests at short notice, and facilitates easy replacement and stock rotation on long term contracts

Custom made container range

  • Hire Plants' standard range of containers are locally made and powder coated to a quality finish allowing
  • Ability to custom make containers and vary dimensions for locations
  • Fast turnaround of orders
  • Ability to paint containers any colour for branding / theming
  • Re-use and re-coating of containers for sustainable use and reduced pricing

Extensive Indoor and Outdoor Plant Range

  • A wide range of plant varieties and sizes, as well as a range of containers and planters allow a custom design to meet a wide range of design briefs
  • Comprehensive on-line container and plant catalogue