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Using Plants in commercial interior design

Hire Plants have the experience and the skills to help you successfully use plants in commercial settings such as Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Retail

Good reasons to use plants in commercial design

Having plants in commercial settings improves the guest experience, they can improve feelings of escape, comfort and socialisation which will in turn lead to increased revenues. As well as the enjoyment benefits plants can serve practical purposes. Use them to screen or partition areas, to create thoroughfares and support social distancing as well as supporting your brand and design.

What makes a good plantscape?

Hire Plants  have been installing and maintaining plants in commercial settings over 40 years. We can support you in creating a plantscape that achieves a purpose, add's to people's experience  and that is sustainable. Hiring plants biggest advantage is that the consistency of quality and presentation of your plats will always be consistent with exchanges included in your monthly hire fee.

One Plant, Many Purposes

  • Use floor standing plants to create zoning and partition, let them help you with social distancing
  • Create an indoor garden for an easy and quick escape from everyday life
  • Support your brand and your values by association with plants
  • Make way-finding and circulation easier utilising plants as a signal for sight lines and movements

Extensive Indoor and Outdoor Plant and Container Range

  • A wide range of plant varieties and sizes, as well as a range of containers and planters allow a custom design to meet a wide range of design briefs
  • Comprehensive on-line container and plant catalogue
  • A 2000sqm nursery in Avondale, Auckland to support fast turnaround and quick installations


IKP5 IFP2 IBR1 - Kentia Palm, Schefflera Amate and Bromeliad in Atrium Garden - Grand Millenium hotel_1 IGG2_White___Wong_Custom_planters