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Hire Plants' Covid-19 Statement


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Hire Plants Company Statement. Covid-19

Last updated 12 August 2020.

Hire Plants is following all Ministry of Health and New Zealand Government guidelines and policies in relation to Covid-19.

No staff have traveled to, from or through any country affected by travel restrictions under the Covid-19 response. No staff have returned from overseas travel within the last 120 days.

Work completed by Hire Plants staff on customer sites involves no close contact

(defined as 1-2 metre proximity for more than 15 minutes)

with other employees, customers or public.

All staff have been briefed on:  

- Personal hygiene preventative measures
- What to do if they are sick (non Covid-19)
- What to do if they are advised to self-isolate as a result of being in contact with someone potentially exposed to Covid-19
- What to do if they are worried about being exposed to Covid-19
- What to do if someone in their family gets Covid-19
- What to do if they catch or think they have Covid-19
- What to do if they are recovering from Covid-19

Standard customer actions

- Staff sign in and out of sites where visitor records are kept

- Covid 19 Tracer app QR code scanned at customer sites

- Wear face masks as required during Level 2 and Level 3 when at work and at customer's premises 

Additional Actions:

Staff have been advised:

- To maintain ‘social distancing’ and to follow additional preventative measures and use provided hygiene equipment 

- If a customer has specific site requirements as a result of Covid-19 , to ask for them to communicate them in writing and send to  We will respond and ensure that all involved with that customer / project are aware and we can update responses as required.

- If a customer would like to receive our statement of Covid19 health measures, to take their name and email address and we will make it available. (again so we can update customers as required).

If you as one of our customers require specific responses or adherence to additional policies and procedures, please advise us in writing to, so we can co-ordinate our responses.

Please rest assured that our top priority is always the safety of our clients, our employees, and our partners.

This statement may be reviewed and updated as required.

Mark Carley

Managing Director