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Also know as Arrowhead plant

Boston Fern

Botanical name = Nephrolepsis exaltata


Also known as Radiator Plant


Also known as Zanzibar Gem, Zammi or ZZ plant.

Ficus lyrata

Common name: Fiddle Leaf Fig or Weeping Fig Tree Also exist in floor standing

Calathea medallion

The Calathea Medallion is part of a large family, excellent indoor plants they have striking foliage

Philodendron Silver Arrow

Exist in table top size

Philodendron Royal Queen

Stunning green and purple foliage

Sanseveria - Silver

Also known as Mother in Laws Tongue and Snake Plant

Sansevieria - Yellow

Also known as Mother in Laws Tongue and Snake Plant

Fruit Salad Plant

Botanical name: Monstera

Dracaena Green Stripe

Also know as Lemon Surprise or Lemon and Lime

Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta

Dracaena Marginata

Also known as Dragon Tree

Dracaena Warneckii

Dracaena like their environment dryer than most plants which makes it a perfect choice for an office where there is air conditionning

Asparagus Fern

Because they tolerate sun better than other ferns, Asparagus Fern are often used in sunny locations

Ficus Elastica

Also called Rubber plant - exists in Table top and Medium sizes

African Fig Tree

Botanical name: Ficus cyathistipula

Schefflera Amate

Also called Umbrella Plant - Available from 1.2m to 2.2m

Pony Tail Palm

Botannical name = Beaucarnea recurvata


Common name: Parlour Palm

Kentia Palm

Botanical name: Howea forsteriana

Bird of Paradise

Botanical name: Strelitzia. Referred to as indoor banana palm. Limited Stock



Common name = Moth Orchid


large range of varieties available

Peace Lily

Botanical Name = Spathiphyllum


range of size, colour and varieties available


New Zealand Native


Pseudopanax is native to New-Zealand

Hen & Chicken Fern

Botanical name: Asplenium bulbiferum

Purple Flax

Purple Flax - Phormium Tenax Purpureum

Cabbage Tree

Botanical name: Cordyline australis


Botanical name: Meterosideros


Scientific name: Cyathea.

Buxus Hedge -Small

Botannical name = Buxus sempervirens

Buxus Ball

Buxus Hedge- Large

Buxus - Standard

Buxus Triple

1.6m high shaped buxus

Totara Ball

Blue totara shaped in single stem

Ivy Cone

Ivy Ball

Common name: English Ivy. Botannical name Hedera helix

Ficus Reginald

cultivar of ficus benjamina with yellow/green foliage

Ficus Tuffy

Ideal for direct planting and hedges

Ficus benjamina

Common name: Weeping Fig. Available in a large range of heights

Ficus benjamina -Braided

Ficus benjamina - Double Spiral

1.5m - 2m high varieties


In winter they flower white


Emerald Cedar also called Thuja Smaragd

Bay Tree

Botanical name = Laurus nobilis


Eugenia Standard - also exist as a topiary

Eugenia Regular

Also known as Lilly Pilly

Acmena topiary

Topiary shaped version of a popular outdoor plant


Acer palmatum -Japanese Maple. Striking golden red foliage in autumn. Available to hire October to April.