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Meet the Hire Plants team.

It's our team that make the difference, provide the service and deliver 'Plantscapes with Purpose'. Across sales, delivery, servicing and maintenance, our experience, knowledge and attitude show through time and again.

Office Team

Owner & General Manager

Mark Carley - Owner & General Manager

The Carley family has had an ownership shareholding in Hire Plants since it's origination in 1979. The company is now wholly owned by son Mark.  Mark became a director in 2013 and entered Hire Plants full time as General Manager in December 2013. 

Mark has 15 years corporate experience working in Human Resources and organisation culture change. Mark is leading considerable change in Hire Plants, refreshing the company’s offerings, implementing process improvements, modernizing systems and innovating for the future.

Office Administrator

Nicole Van Lier - Office Administrator

Nicole has been with Hire Plants since early 2016 as part of our office team. Growing up in a family that owned a rose nursery has meant that Nicole has been around plants pretty much her whole life. Enjoying this atmosphere and the people she works with, Nicole is a great asset to Hire Plants. If she were to be any plant, Nicole would be a Syngonium native to the tropical rain forests in South America.


Ravneet Taneja - Accounts

Ravneet is our numbers specialist. She has thorough experience in accounts having worked in Approved Training Organisations in India and in New Zealand. Ravneet is an account superstar with more than 10 years experience in this field.

Always smiling and happy, she is a ray of sunshine. Raavneet loves learning and reading. If she could be any plant she would choose to be a Bird of Paradise

Sales and Marketing

Head of Sales & Marketing

Lucia Gardner - Head of Sales & Marketing

Lucia has been with Hire Plants since April 2018 and tries very hard to remember as many plant names as she possibly can as it is the first time she has worked in this industry. After nearly 10 years experience in Marketing in France, Lucia moved to Karratha WA, to work in Human Resources.

Now back to her home country, Lucia enjoys the beach on her free time. If she could be a plant she would like to be a Sunflower to follow the sun all day long.

Sales Manager

Sue Gray - Sales Manager

Sue has worked at Hire Plants since 2001. Sue’s industry experience, knowledge, supplier, and in particular customer relationships prove a valuable asset to customers in meeting their needs, sourcing products and ensuring plantscapes are well designed and sustainably matched to their environment.  Sue is herself a passionate and creative landscaper having displayed her own home in the Hero Titirangi Garden show.

Marketing Assistant & Events Coordinator

Cynthia Boisvert - Marketing Assistant & Events Coordinator

Cynthia first started at Hire Plants as a Service Technician, after learning how to care for plant she  jumped on the opportunity to be part of the office team where she has become our event hire superstar and is helping out with the marketing. Always helpful and available, Cynthia is a happy character and will always go the extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Product and Nursery

Head of Products

Paul Crowhurst - Head of Products

Paul has both extensive operations management and horticulture experience having worked in plant hire, owned his own specialty container gardening business, and managed teams in other field service industries.  In his role at Hire Plants, Paul manages the nursery and products and liaises closely with clients on plantscape needs and refurbishments.

Nursery team member

Jennie Colman - Nursery team member

Jennie has been with Hire Plants since the end of 2015, coming to us with a range of qualifications in horticulture, floriculture and landscape design. Gardening since she was four years old, Jennie is passionate about plants and enjoys working with like-minded people in the nursery. Interested in Chigiri-e, painting and cross stitch in her spare time she definitely brings these artsy skills into preparing our plants for hire, Jennie is a fully accomplished artist and even sells her artwork.  If Jennie were to be a plant she would choose the Monstera Obliqua!

Nursery team member

Georgia Fitness - Nursery team member

Georgia is full of energy and dances her way through work. She's been working for Hire Plants for over 2 years now and she sings to the plants every single day. Before being a plant-singer Georgia used to work at the race course where she took care of the grounds. Georgia is a very practical worker and can build about anything.

If she could be a plant Georgia would choose to be Bunny Tail Grass (Lagurus Oratus) because they live at the beach and then she could fulfill her other passion and swim in the sea everyday.

Nursery and Warehouse team member

Brandon Berry - Nursery and Warehouse team member


Head of Operations

Haydn Williams - Head of Operations

Servicing Team Leader

Melanie James - Servicing Team Leader

Daily Operations Manager

Benny Sidhu - Daily Operations Manager

Originally part of the Natural Tree Products team, Benny has a wide knowledge of clients, jobs and plants. With a phenomenal work rate and attitude that nothing is ever a problem, Benny is a hit with customers and the team.

Benny's motto is 'no problem' and he applies it everyday at work pushing for every job to go through the door on time looking at its best!

Service Team

Outdoor Service Technician

Louis Imbruglia - Outdoor Service Technician

Having managed his own landscaping business and over 10 years with Natural Tree Products Ltd before the plant hire business was acquired by Hire Plants in 2015, Louis has extensive knowledge and experience in particular in outdoor installations, hanging, vertical gardens and commercial landscaping.  Louis personally maintains and manages a large number of Hire Plants high profile bars, restaurants and outdoor 'customerscapes'.

Service Technician

Tania Harris - Service Technician

Tania joined us here at Hire plants in March 2015 bringing with her prior industry experience in plant hire and maintenance through her nursery work. Tania is part of the team that services client sites across Auckland and is known for her care and work ethic.

Enjoying both gardening and fishing in her spare time it is no surprise that Tania would like to be a coconut tree if given the option as they 'grow tall and live in the tropics'!

Service Technician

Amanda Hart - Service Technician

Amanda worked at Natural Tree Products for 12 months before transferring with the aquisition by Hire Plants. She has worked more than a decade in the plant and flower industry.

She has many tricks up her sleeve. Amanda used to be a photographer, a florist, a cook, a silk painter... and her two favorite things in the world are still cooking and gardening.

We asked Amanda what she would be if she could be a plant she answered a Dracaena as they are "low maintenance", we wonder if her partner agrees?

Outdoor Service Technician

Simon Kurmayr - Outdoor Service Technician

Previously a manager of a dance company that toured the world, joining Hire Plants in late 2015 was the start of a completely different career path for Simon.

Since then he has well and truly settled into his role as one of our service technicians. Enjoying the variety of indoor and outdoor work on the job, Simon has developed a close relationship with the clients he services and has a (now) funny work story to tell about his wasp attack on the job! 

Service Technician

Hazel Haenga - Service Technician

Hazel has been working with Hire Plants as a outbound service technician since mid 2015. With over 20 years in the plant business Hazel is a highly respected team member of Hire Plants and has developed a great relationship with her clients and is well known for her vast knowledge of plants and care of them.

If Hazel were to be any plant, she'd be a cactus.

Service Technician

Medina Armishaw - Service Technician

Medina first joined Hire Plants in May 2013 as a versatile team member working both in the nursery, preparing jobs and providing servicing cover.  With her stellar servicing qualities she has now moved to a full time servicing role, the customers love her and so do her plants.

Medina puts some extra care and some extra love in every plant she services! 

Service Technician

John Zheng - Service Technician

Also known as 'Exotic Plantman' John previously worked for Exotic Planters before it was acquired by Hire Plants in 2016. His father, a former biology teacher acquainted him with plants from an early age and as a result, developed his love for what he does.

John holds a National Certificate in Horticulture and has also taken courses in ecology and plant physiology at university level. If he had to be a plant, he would probably choose to be a weed as these guys are tough and hard to kill!

Service Technician

Kris Fitness - Service Technician

Kris is a valued member of our service team, quiet and efficient is her motto. Very knowledgeable around plants, she knows straightaway what a plant needs to thrive.

Feel free to quiz her about Geography, as Kris collects stamps when she is not caring for plants she knows quite a lot about different countries. When asked what was her favorite plant she told us a Ponytail Palm.

Service Technician

Chris Hammer - Service Technician

Chris joined Hire Plants in February 2014 with a background in a range of customer service and process improvement roles and a strong interest in horticulture.  Chris services customer sites across central Auckland.

Service Technician

Maureen Brown - Service Technician

Maureen joined the team here at Hire Plants in 2004. Previously working in parks and reserves as a maintenance technician, Maureen now uses this knowledge in her role as a service technician. Maureen has developed a close relationship with a wide number of customers over the years at Hire Plants and is well known for her friendly approach as well as her plant care.

If Maureen were to be any plant, she'd be a dainty Orchid! 

Installation and Staging

Project Manager

Guillaume Leclerc - Project Manager

Guillaume joined Hire Plants at the end of 2016. With stints in both France and New Zealand as a plant technician and landscaper, Guillaume brought his vast knowledge of plants and design into the fold of Hire Plants helping to create some of the trendy installations we have taken part in over the last two years, Guillaume works on our live plant walls from the design conception to the installation. Guillaume has an Advanced Technician Certificate in Landscaping, which he studied in France.

In his spare time Guillaume enjoys travelling, surfing and the odd fishing expedition. If Guillaume were to be any plant in the world it would be a Monstera! 

Staging Specialist

Maryam Qaisar - Staging Specialist

Maryam joined Hire Plants in October 2010 and has worked in the nusery maintaining stock health and preparing and staging jobs.  Whether it be for a one night event or new long term installation, all plants are staged, trimmed, maintained and assessed before leaving the nursery.

Staging Specialist

Arlo Whitcher - Staging Specialist

Arlo has worked in horticulture and growing nurseries and joined the Hire Plants team in 2015 supporting the nursery, workshop work, deliveries and property maintenance.

Nothing is ever a problem for Arlo and nothing is impossible. He will always find a solution to the everyday issues. 

Staging Specialist

Idantae Wade - Staging Specialist

Our youngest team member, Idantae works with Arlo and Maryam as a staging specialist. When the days are busy he also hops in the trucks with the delivery team and helps out, making sure the plants are delivered and look good!

Delivery Team

Installation & Delivery

Graham Parker - Installation & Delivery

Graham has been working with Hire Plants for nearly a year now. Although it is his first time working with plants he has discovered that he is quite interested by them. Graham has a vast experience in logistics and knows well how to move plants around while taking good care of them.

Graham would like to be a Bird of Paradise if he was a plant, helpful and dedicated he is a valued team member.

Installation & Delivery

Rudy Nicolas - Installation & Delivery

Rudy is a versatile team member, he works in the nursery as well as delivering and installing plants. Very active he loves being out and about and meeting new people. His favorite part of working with Hire Plants is when he can mess with Harry.

During his spare time Rudy enjoys surfing and skating, if you need to know where the swell is best next week-end just ask him, no guarantee about the accuracy of his answers though.

If Rudy could be any plant he would choose to be a banana tree so he could eat for free or maybe a Balga Grass Plant as they live for a very long time... and also take a long time to grow up...

Installation & Delivery

Harry Singh - Installation & Delivery

Harry has a joke for every situation, his teammates love working with him as they know for sure that it will be a fun day... This probably goes back to the days were he was a chicken farmer in India or was it military school? No one really knows... Make sure when you meet him to ask him about the Eastershow incident...

What is sure though is that Harry has a good eye for plants and the customers are always very happy about his installations and the way he sets up every plant to show their best side. If Harry were a plant he would be a Spath, "as he needs extra care"

Installation & Delivery

Kyle Laubscher - Installation & Delivery

Kyle has joined the Installation and Delivery team in 2019 as an extra during his studies. 
Installation & Delivery

Tamrat Molla - Installation & Delivery

Tamrat has joined the Installation and Delivery team in 2019 as an extra during his studies.