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Meet the Hire Plants team.

It's our team that make the difference, provide the service and deliver 'Plantscapes with Purpose'. Across sales, delivery, servicing and maintenance, our experience, knowledge and attitude show through time and again.

Management team

Owner & Managing Director

Mark Carley - Owner & Managing Director

The Carley family has had an ownership shareholding in Hire Plants since it's origination in 1979. The company is now wholly owned by son Mark.  Mark became a director in 2013 and entered Hire Plants full time as General Manager in December 2013. 

Mark has 15 years corporate experience working in Human Resources and organisation culture change. Mark is leading considerable change in Hire Plants, refreshing the company’s offerings, implementing process improvements, modernizing systems and innovating for the future.

General Manager

Lucia Gardner - General Manager

Lucia has been with Hire Plants since 2018. Starting off as our Marketing Manager, Lucia has transitioned through the roles of Head of Sales & Marketing and now into the role of General Manager. With previous experiences in Sales and Marketing in Australia and France, Lucia likes to think outside the box and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the team.

Accounts team

Office Administrator & Accounts

Nicole Van Lier - Office Administrator & Accounts

Nicole has been with Hire Plants since early 2016 as part of our office team. Growing up in a family that owned a rose nursery has meant that Nicole has been around plants pretty much her whole life. Enjoying this atmosphere and the people she works with, Nicole is a great asset to Hire Plants. If she were to be any plant, Nicole would be a Syngonium native to the tropical rain forests in South America.

Sales and Marketing team

Sales Consultant

Nadine Ackermann - Sales Consultant

Nadine joins the team as our newest Sales Consultant. She has a rich range of professional experience, which includes hospitality, event management, sales, and customer relationship management.

She is energised by problem solving, has a passion for customer service, and she can’t wait to meet you.

Events Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Ana Manukia - Events Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Ana joined our team in early 2021 after working for several years in the events and travel industries. Coming onboard as our event co-ordinator and short-term hire specialist, there is no job too big, small, or complicated for Ana. She has recently added another role to her schedule, becoming our service tech coordinator.

In her spare time, Ana enjoys being around friends, family and being outdoors. If she was a plant, she would be a peace lily.

Events Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Hannah Boyd - Events Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Hannah joins the team as our interim Events Co-ordinator & Sales Consultant while Ana is on parental leave. 

Coming on board with 7 years of retail experience and a degree in spatial design, Hannah will bring her passion for people and design to the role. 

In her spare time Hannah enjoys photography and going on hikes. If she was a plant, she would be a  Golden pothos.

Marketing & Sales Representative

Luke Bowater - Marketing & Sales Representative

Luke joined our team early in 2021 after several years working in a marketing and sales capacity within the events industry. Luke is passionate about all things brand, implementing exciting new ideas, and delivering a top level of customer service for his clients.

In his spare time, Luke enjoys walking his dog and listening to drum and bass music. If Luke was a plant - he would be a Variegated Monstera.

Project Manager

Guillaume Leclerc - Project Manager

Guillaume joined Hire Plants at the end of 2016. With stints in both France and New Zealand as a plant technician and landscaper, Guillaume brought his vast knowledge of plants and design into the fold of Hire Plants helping to create some of the trendy installations we have taken part in over the last two years, Guillaume works on our live plant walls from the design conception to the installation. Guillaume has an Advanced Technician Certificate in Landscaping, which he studied in France.

In his spare time Guillaume enjoys travelling, surfing and the odd fishing expedition. If Guillaume were to be any plant in the world it would be a Monstera! 

Product and Nursery team

Head of Products

Paul Crowhurst - Head of Products

Paul has both extensive operations management and horticulture experience having worked in plant hire, owned his own specialty container gardening business, and managed teams in other field service industries.  In his role at Hire Plants, Paul manages the nursery and products and liaises closely with clients on plantscape needs and refurbishments.

Nursery Team Member

Georgia Fitness - Nursery Team Member

Georgia has been working for Hire Plants since 2016, working mainly in the nursery she is also our builder extraordinaire.

This little pocket rocket can build anything and when she looks after the plants she will often sing to them.

Nursery team member

Maureen Brown - Nursery team member

Maureen joined the team here at Hire Plants in 2004. For 15 years Maureen was one of our service technician. Maureen has developed a close relationship with a wide number of customers over the years at Hire Plants and is well known for her friendly approach as well as her plant care. Since 2020 Maureen has now moved to a position based at the nursery where she entertains the staff on site with her cheeky jokes.

If Maureen were to be any plant, she'd be a dainty Orchid! 

Nursery Team Member

Idantae Wade - Nursery Team Member

Our youngest team member, Idantae, began working as a staging specialist. He’s currently working with our nursery team and chipping away at his horticulture apprenticeship.

Idantae brings a can-do attitude to the team, and will give anything a go.

Servicing Team

Outdoor Service Technician

Louis Imbruglia - Outdoor Service Technician

Having managed his own landscaping business and over 10 years with Natural Tree Products Ltd before the plant hire business was acquired by Hire Plants in 2015, Louis has extensive knowledge and experience in particular in outdoor installations, hanging, vertical gardens and commercial landscaping.

 Louis personally maintains and manages a large number of Hire Plants high profile bars, restaurants and outdoor 'customerscapes'. He's famously known for his can-do attitude and good natured banters with staff and customers alike.

Service Technician

Ashley Cook - Service Technician

Ashley, a true plant lover and part-time beauty therapist is our newest service technician. She's currently studying horticulture and learning lots on the job. This keen athlete is always ready to roll and to go above and beyond to get your plants looking their best.

Ashley's fast learning a lot of our customer sites so she can cover for the rest of the service team when it's needed means that you will most likely meet her and her cheerful ways soon if you haven't yet. We're sure you'll love her as much as we do.

Service Technician

Hazel Haenga - Service Technician

Hazel has been working with Hire Plants as a Service technician since mid 2015. With over 20 years in the plant business Hazel is a highly respected team member of Hire Plants and has developed a great relationship with her clients and is well known for her vast knowledge of plants and care of them.

If Hazel were to be any plant, she'd be a cactus. Surviving in tough situations and blossoming in the sun. Hazel is especially known for her care and eye to detail and healthy and beautiful plants.

Service Technician

Medina Armishaw - Service Technician

Medina first joined Hire Plants in May 2013 as a versatile team member working both in the nursery, preparing jobs and providing servicing cover.  With her stellar servicing qualities she has now moved to a full time servicing role, the customers love her and so do her plants.

Medina puts some extra care and some extra love in every plant she services! She knows all her plants by heart and can tell you everything about them if you ask her.

Service Technician

Blake Cloake - Service Technician

Blake joins our team early in 2022 after several years working as a tennis coach extraordinaire. Blake enjoys everything to do with the great outdoors and has a passionate love for plants.

 Blake is excited to get out into the field, meet all of his clients, and get to know his new plantscapes. 

Service Technician

Chris Hammer - Service Technician

Chris joined Hire Plants in February 2014 with a background in a range of customer service and process improvement roles and a strong interest in horticulture.

Chris is very appreciated by his customers, they especially like his friendly and caring nature. He will always take the time to make sure everything is going well and if there is anything needed.

Service Technician

Jane Pavadai - Service Technician

Jane started working for Hire Plants towards the end of 2022 as a Service technician. Jane comes from a fascinating world of  Embalming and also working as a pricing analyst in the energy sector.

If Jane was a plant, she would be a Hoya because she's great at chugging along during the tough times, and thrives in optimal conditions. 

Outdoor Service Technician

Estée Kyle - Outdoor Service Technician

Estée Joins the team as our outdoor service technician. Estée has a degree in Psychology and loves all things plants. In her spare time, Estée enjoys Crochet, gardening, and spending time with her pets.

 If Estée were a plant, she would be a colourful Begonia.

Operations Team

Daily Operations Manager

Benny Sidhu - Daily Operations Manager

Originally part of the Natural Tree Products team, Benny has a wide knowledge of clients, jobs and plants. With a phenomenal work rate and attitude that nothing is ever a problem, Benny is a hit with customers and the team.

Benny's motto is 'no problem' and he applies it everyday at work pushing for every job to go through the door on time looking at its best!

Installation & Delivery

Harry Singh - Installation & Delivery

Harry is part of our delivery and installation team, his teammates love working with him as they know for sure that it will be a fun and positive day. Harry has a great eye for plants and esthetic details and the customers are always very happy about his installations and the way he sets up every plant to show their best side.

If Harry were a plant he would be a Spath, "as he needs extra care".

Installation & Delivery

Graham Parker - Installation & Delivery

Graham has been working with Hire Plants since 2017.  Although it's his first time working with plants he has discovered that he is quite interested by them. Graham has a vast experience in logistics and knows well how to make the most of our events pack ins and pack outs.

Graham would like to be a Bird of Paradise if he was a plant, helpful and dedicated he is a valued team member and the customers love having him deliver their big events order as he will always take the extra time to make sure that everything is set up at its best.

Installation & Delivery

David Utupo - Installation & Delivery

David joined our installation & delivery team early in 2021. After a career as a courier driver, David takes pride in meeting deadlines and getting plants to their clients on time.

Staging Specialist

Arlo Whitcher - Staging Specialist

Arlo has worked in horticulture and growing nurseries and joined the Hire Plants team in 2015 supporting the nursery, workshop work, deliveries and property maintenance.

Nothing is ever a problem for Arlo and nothing is impossible. He will always find a solution to the everyday issues. 

Staging & delivery assistant

Trina Streat - Staging & delivery assistant

Trina joined our team in early 2021 as a Staging & delivery assistant. Trina and Arlo are the ultimate combo, and work hard together to stage our products for hire jobs.