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Meet the Hire Plants team.

It's our team that make the difference, provide the service and deliver 'Plantscapes with Purpose'. Across sales, delivery, servicing and maintenance, our experience, knowledge and attitude show through time and again.

Office Team

Owner & General Manager

Mark Carley - Owner & General Manager

The Carley family has had an ownership shareholding in Hire Plants since it's origination in 1979. The company is now wholly owned by brother and sister Mark and Jacqui.  Mark became a director in 2013 and entered Hire Plants full time as General Manager in December 2013. 

Mark has 15 years corporate experience working in Human Resources and organisation culture change. Mark is leading considerable change in Hire Plants, refreshing the company’s offerings, implementing process improvements, modernizing systems and innovating for the future.


Jacqui Cotterill - Co-Owner

As co-owner Jacqui is actively involved in customer contact, supporting event and function hire and representing Hire Plants at trade shows and expos. 

Jacqui has a strong customer and hospitality orientation having worked for 15 years as an international flight attendant. 

Jacqui is also actively involved in Hire Plants' on-line retail business selling 'Woolly Pocket' plant walls.

Sales Manager

Sue Gray - Sales Manager

Sue has worked at Hire Plants since 2001. Sue’s industry experience, knowledge, supplier, and in particular customer relationships prove a valuable asset to customers in meeting their needs, sourcing products and ensuring plantscapes are well designed and sustainably matched to their environment.  Sue is herself a passionate and creative landscaper having displayed her own home in the Hero Titirangi Garden show.

Servicing Team

Operations Manager

Paul Crowhurst - Operations Manager

Paul has both extensive operations management and horticulture experience having worked in plant hire, owned his own specialty container gardening business, and managed teams in other field service industries.  In his role at Hire Plants, Paul manages the delivery team and service technicians and liaises closely with clients on scheduling, plantscape needs and refurbishments.

Service Technician

Amanda Hart - Service Technician

Amanda worked at Natural Tree Products for 12 months before transferring with the aquisition by Hire Plants.  Amanda services in central Auckland, Ponsonby and North Shore. 

Service Technician

Chris Hammer - Service Technician

Chris joined Hire Plants in February 2014 with a background in a range of customer service and process improvement roles and a strong interest in horticulture.  Chris services customer sites across central Auckland and Hamilton.

Service Technician

Maureen Brown - Service Technician

Maureen joined Hire Plants in 2004. With over 10 years as a service technician Maureen has developed close relationships with a wide number of customers and is as well known for her friendly approach as well as her plant care.

Service Technician

Tania Harris - Service Technician

Tania joined Hire plants in March 2015 with prior industry experience in plant hire and maintenance.  Tania services client sites across Auckland.

Delivery Team

Installation & Maintenance

Louis Imbruglia - Installation & Maintenance

Having managed his own landscaping business and over 10 years with Natural Tree Products Ltd before the plant hire business was acquired by Hire Plants in 2015, Louis has extensive knowledge and experience in particular in outdoor installations, hanging, vertical gardens and commercial landscaping.  Louis personally maintains and manages a large number of Hire Plants high profile bar, restaurant and outdoor 'customerscapes'.

Workshop Manager

Aaron Cotterill - Workshop Manager

Joining Hire Plants in 2015 Aaron has 20 years experience as a plumber. As well as bringing specialist skills to installations and plant wall irrigation projects Aaron oversees the workshop and warehouse functions and manages the staging solutions and technical plant installations. 

Installation & Maintenance

Benny Sidhu - Installation & Maintenance

Originally part of the Natural Tree Products team, Benny has a wide knowledge of clients, jobs and plants.  With a phenomenal work rate and attitude that nothing is ever a problem, Benny is a hit with customers and the team.

Nursery Team

Nursery Manager

Kathy Boyce - Nursery Manager

Kathy joined Hire Plants in 1998 and has managed the nursery and daily operations since 2004. Kathy supports many temporary hire customers, maintains our indoor and outdoor nursery stock, oversees the delivery schedule for temporary hire and manages the nursery team. Kathy’s horticulture knowledge ensures that our plant stock is of a consistently high quality and well matched to temporary hire, and indoor and outdoor locations.

Servicing Team

Nursery Worker

Jennie Colman - Nursery Worker

Nursery Team

Nursery Worker

Mary Qaisar - Nursery Worker

Mary joined Hire Plants in October 2010 and has worked in the nusery maintaining stock health and preparing and staging jobs.  Whether it be for a one night event or new long term installation, all plants are staged, trimmed, maintained and assessed before leaving the nursery.

Delivery Team

Nursery Worker

Arlo Whitcher - Nursery Worker

Arlo has worked in horticulture and growing nurseries and joined the Hire Plants team in 2015 supporting the nursery, workshop work, deliveries and property maintenance.

Nursery Worker

Medina Armishaw - Nursery Worker

Medina first joined Hire Plants in May 2013 and is a valuable and versatile team member working both in the nursery, preparing jobs and providing servicing cover.  Staying up to date on both nursery stock and customer plantscapes along with a high degree of personal commitment to quality and presentation means Medina provides outstanding cover and back up to customers and the team.